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A sweet and passionate, engagement photography session in Overton Park and at the Brooks Museum, with Larrie Rodriguez and Michael Ingalsbe. Photographed by Stephanie Norwood of studio Norwood Photography on July 27th after 6pm. The air was still and heavy but they rocked the session anyway on one of the hottest summer days this year!
Larrie & Michael (2)Larrie & Michael BWLarrie & Michael-9277Larrie & Michael-9278Larrie & Michael-9276Larrie & Michael-9281Larrie & Michael-9286Larrie & Michael-9285Larrie & Michael-9287Larrie & Michael-9288Larrie & Michael-9289Larrie & Michael-9290Larrie & Michael-9291Larrie & Michael-9293Larrie & Michael-9294Larrie & Michael-9295Larrie & Michael-9296Larrie & Michael-9298Larrie & Michael-9301Larrie & Michael-9302