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Wolf River Conservancy first Saturday paddle. 12 mile paddle on the Ghost River Section of the Wolf.
WRC AUG 1-4279WRC AUG 1-4280WRC AUG 1-4281WRC AUG 1-4282WRC AUG 1-4283WRC AUG 1-4284WRC AUG 1-4285WRC AUG 1-4286WRC AUG 1-4287WRC AUG 1-4288WRC AUG 1-4289WRC AUG 1-4290WRC AUG 1-4291WRC AUG 1-4292WRC AUG 1-4293WRC AUG 1-4294WRC AUG 1-4295WRC AUG 1-4296WRC AUG 1-4297WRC AUG 1-4298